Ornithology, ZOOL 467
Spring Semesters, 3 credits, 2 lectures plus 3-hour lab per week
Evolution, structure, physiology, behavior, and ecology of birds. Lab covers identification by sight and sound, classification, and natural history of different bird taxa.

Energetics, Food Webs, and Ecosystems, ZOOL/PLB 490
Fall Semesters, 3 credits, 3 lectures per week
This course places conservation of particular species into the context of community and ecosystem management. Approaches to quantifying energy needs of individual species will be extended to models of trophic networks among multiple species. Food web structure and function, species interactions, and resilience to species loss, species invasions, and environmental changes will be examined in light of landscape processes.

Writing in Food Web Ecology, ZOOL 582, section 798
Fall Semesters, 1 credit
Instruction and practice in writing for scientific publications. Intended for graduate students or advanced undergraduates who are also enrolled in ZOOL/PLB 490